About Us

The Lamphere Band Mall is a fundraiser for the Lamphere District-wide Band
Program. We have put together a collection of online stores and services that
are regularly shopped by our supporters. We also keep an eye out for special
deals that can save our supporters money as they shop for goods or services that
they need. As we find specials, we will post them in the "specials" section of
the mall and also notify our fans on our Lamphere Band Mall Facebook and Twitter pages.

When you shop through the Lamphere Band Mall, you link directly to the store's
web page from the mall and we get a commission from the sale for suggesting the
store to you. Therefore, when you shop the Lamphere Band Mall, you not only can
save money on the goods or services you need, but you also help the Lamphere
Bands program as each store will make a donation based on your sale at no cost
to you!

Your identity is safe when you use the Lamphere Band Mall; we cannot tell who
shops the mall. The only notification received is that visitor has linked to a
store through the mall and the amount of a sale if one was made.

Please bookmark the Lamphere Band Mall in your Favorites and follow us on
Facebook and/or
Twitter to receive
notifications to web specials. When you follow us on Facebook, you
are entered to win our occasional drawings for great prizes.